The Philosophy

Life is too short to be left to fate.
We are convinced that success is not a question of luck but rather a question of strong will.
Thus, a winner is an individual who sometimes also loses but in doing so never gives up.
Because if you wish for something from the bottom of your heart, you should do everything in your power to fulfil this wish.
The driving force of Quantum Courage lies in emboldening people around the world to achieve exactly what they truly desire.

And to never lose the belief in themselves and their own spirit.

Demonstrating Quantum Courage is always rewarded, and is how the label Quantum Courage came to be.
"On the one hand we wish to spoil our customers with extremely high quality,
and on the other hand to motivate them through the special messages on the T-shirts.

For us, it is vital that the production of our T-shirts takes place free of child labour,
and that they are manufactured in accordance with the aspect of sustainability."