“Unique encouraging clothes”

Based in France, our design team is constantly looking to create the best expressive designs with an encouraging contemporary signature look to spread COURAGE around the world. These are clothes our clients invest in, and we invest in them too: with time, care and obsessive attention to detail, from the design stage to the finished garment.
We create limited edition luxury clothes that are designed to be treasured. Instead of chasing trends we focus on original slogans and timeless artworks through our unique embellishments, prints and cuts.


“Durability and natural fibres”

We prioritise the use of responsibly sourced, high quality and natural fibres as the heart of QUANTUM COURAGE collections, with cottons currently making up nearly 90% of our range.
Our garments are made of the finest quality to ensure long durability and washability. The touch feels soft and the texture is fine and delicate.


“Responsible and high quality production”

We choose to work with suppliers who are aligned with our values and show a willingness to meet our ethical standards.
Our old-established relationship with factories and their “savoir faire” ensure the high quality of garments.