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AMICIS, Vienna

„Just a pleasure, such a cool, great collaboration. A collection I always look forward to ordering. Good mix, fun and sophisticated design, our customers love it just like me! I also appreciate the friendly exchange, so see you very soon soon dear Maximilian Köhler."

D!FFERENT, Hamburg, etc.

„Innovation, reliability in delivery and quality, as well as the spirit of the age for our fashion business of "today" does not need many words with us, namely only two "Quantum Courage", the AW22 season was the "best" since we came together! Thank you for that Maximilian Köhler."

Bongenie Grieder, Zurich

„As a buyer I truly appreciate the great partnership we developed with Maximilian Koehler who is always very supportive and eager to grow business together. And the product speaks for itself - every year Quantum Courage offers a fun and playful contemporary collection! The graphic t-shirts are always an instant hit with our customers!"

ANTORA, Baden-Baden

"What we value very much, besides creativity and quality, - is reliability. All this you will find at Quantum Courage. Dear Maximilian we are already looking forward to the next phase and wish you and your team continued fun and success. Thank you for the many years of cooperation."

LESDEUX, Lucerne

„We've been with them since the beginning and are still HAPPY with Quantum Courage. A super team that implements exactly what the consumer wants. A modern, cool and casual collection with great details and good quality! There is nothing comparable, QC stands for innovation and quality! Thank you for the good cooperation and trust, we appreciate you guys very much."


„Working with Quantum Courage provides us with extraordinary clothes that gained love among our clients, secondly it is simply a pleasure to share trust and friendly connection with you, we appreciate the support and understanding when times are worse but hopefully, this year will be a prosperous one.“